“Picture This”: The PhotoChangers Use Photography to Tell People about Issues Important to their Lives


We used photography to tell people about what is important in our lives.


A circle enclosed a magnifying glass. Inside the glass are people pointing to a table together


We worked as co-researchers with Ann Fudge Schormans.


a photograph of two people with their arms around each other giving the thumbs up


Co-researchers are labelled people who work with researchers from universities.


photograph of a man with a camera. an arrow from the camera points to three empty boxes.


We also worked with a photographer.


The number 3


We used 3 different type of photography.


a man with a speech bubble coming from his mouth


We used photo-voice.


People around a table


Photo-voice means we took photographs of what is important in our lives and then together we interpreted them.


man with a camera


We used photo-documentary.




Photo-documentary means that we took photographs that documented events in our day to day lives.


a photograph of a woman with her arm spread out next to a theatre mask


We used photo-theatre.


a group of people around a table with a large magnifying glass superimposed on the table


Photo-theatre means we took photographs about a topic and then we re-made the images.


a man taking a photograph using a tripod


We took photographs that show people our experiences and opinions.


a red stop sign with three people inside


We want to show people how we see barriers to parenting.


a photograph of a man with holding out his empty pocket


We want to show how we view being poor and being unemployed.


a man and a woman holding each other


We want to show what we think about relationships and sexuality.


a photograph of a group of people who are holding each other


We want to use photography to show belonging.


a photograph of a woman with her arm spread out next to a theatre mask


We acted out and photographed our experiences as labelled people.


Photograph of a pregnant woman's belly.


We tell stories about adoption and about how we are not allowed to be parents.




We show how having a disability means you have no money.


a large red X


Not having money means you can’t afford to have a baby.


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