Desiring Disability, Intimacy, and Community – Eliza Chandler

A photograph of a woman with her finger on her chin. She has two question bubbles above her head.


This will help us think about disability community.


map of the world


Disability communities avoid colonialism.


three large bags of money


Colonialism means trying to take over or control another country and make money from it.


A photograph of the Canadian flag.


Disability communities avoid nationalism.


american flag


Nationalism is feeling better that your country is better than other countries.


a large group of disabled people


Disability communities think about citizenship without nationalism or colonialism.


A photograph of a diverse group of people in a circle which reads "citizenship"


Citizenship is about our rights and access to equality, fairness and justice.


a woman reading a book


Eliza will use story-telling and story listening to help us think about disability communities.


a woman reading a book


These stories will show many different possibilities for community.


three people outside a house. One person is using a wheelchair


Stories about community can create community.

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