Scholarly Soundbytes

Dear Making Space participants!

The formal ‘presentations’ on September 2nd depart from conventional academic/conference format.  We’ve elected to go with a scholarly sound-bite format. Our hope is for everyone to share their work and keep the pace lively. Each university-based presenter has 1 (ONE) minute to introduce themselves and 2 (TWO) minutes to introduce their work (e.g. thesis, method, key learnings, theoretical innovations and so forth).  We’ve seen this format work very well in the past.  Here is a link to an example a scholarly sound-bite from a recent Toronto symposium about  women’s health.

After the presentation of 5 or 6 soundbites, there will be lots of time for discussion.  Our intention is to use this time to begin to forge connections that will carry forward through the next two workshop days and beyond.

Kind regards,

Ann, Kirsty, Katherine and Esther

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