“Let Us Show You” – Shona Casola

an artists palate

“Let Us Show You” is a group art project.



a photograph of four people with their arms around each other


The group was young people labelled with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


a man painting a picture


The group wanted to express their experiences being a labelled person through art.


a pen


They created drawings using pens, markers and paints.


an artists palate


Everyone made individual drawings first and then shared them with everyone.


a person holding a card with a woman's picture and the letter ID


The art was about identity.


a large group of disabled people


The art was about having meaningful connections with other people.


A photograph of two couples holding each other.


The art was about wanting to belong and be accepted for being different.


a piece of framed art


The group decided to exhibit their work.


a picture of people sitting in a group with the words meeting hall underneath the image


They found a venue in the community.


hand holding a pen


The audience was asked to write out their thoughts and comments about the art.


People around a table


The group met again to discuss the comments and what it was like to exhibit their art.

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