Directions and Map to Louis Cifer Brew Works

Wednesday, Sept 3
Pub Night Details
For those who would like to attend there will be a group going to a local bar called Louis Cifer. We can arrange cabs for folks and there is also the option of taking transit or walking.
To walk: It is about a 19 minute walk.
Head west on Floyd till you come to Pape Ave.
Head south on Pape till you come to Danforth Ave
On Danforth walk west till you reach 417 Danforth Ave.

walking map from the Gathering Place to Louis Cifer Brew Works

To take transit: It’s about a 9 minute trip.
Head west on Floyd Ave to Pape Street
Wait on the west side of Pape for a bus heading to Pape Station.
The 81 south bus will take you to Pape Station.
From Pape Station head west on Danforth till you reach 417 Danforth.

tic map from Gathering Place to Louis Cifer Brew Works