A picture of a heart.


This project will help us think about what it means to desire.


a man with a thought bubble with the words "what do you want?' below


Desire is a strong feeling of wanting something or someone.


A photograph of two people who have a combined thought bubble above their heads.


Thinking about desire and intimacy get us to think about labelled people’s desire to have intimate relationships.


a man with two thought bubbles, one has a thumbs down and one has a thumbs up


This project will help us think about how some intimate relationships are supported or are not supported.


A photograph of a man giving a woman flowers


Labelled people want society and their families to accept their desire and right to love.


man with hand raised with a hand drawn map in front of him with star at end


This project will help us find ways to get this acceptance.


a photograph of four people with their arms around each other


Loving relationships are important because they can help us create safe support networks.


A photograph of two couples holding each other.


Loving relationships also help us  stay connected to each other.


a photograph of a group of people in a red circle. it says no bullying.


Close, loving relations protect us from being treated unfairly.


photograph of a woman with her head down and her arms folded across her chest


They also protect us against being used, being alone and violence.


a photograph of a man about to hit a woman


But sometimes intimate relationships can also include violence, abuse and being treated unfairly.




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