The number 3


Making Space for  Intimate Citizenship is a three-day workshop.



A photograph of two couples holding each other.


It will be about intimate citizenship.



A photograph of two men kissing.


Intimacy and being intimate, is about touch, love, affection, privacy, bodies and being close.



A photograph of a diverse group of people in a circle which reads "citizenship"


Citizenship is about our rights and access to equality, fairness and justice.



a photograph of three disabled people next to a sign which reads UN Disability Rights


Intimate citizenship is about our rights and access to equality in our intimate lives.



map of the world


People from around the world will attend.



a photograph of two people with their arms around each other giving the thumbs up


There will be labelled people.



A photograph of a large group of people.


There will also be academics, service providers, Indigenous knowledge keepers, students, and artists.



the letter i in a circle


We plan to share knowledge, experience and insight about intimate citizenship and labelled people.



two people shaking hands


The workshop will build relationships.



a woman stands in front of a group of people


This will help us meet other people and work together with labelled people to support them to enjoy their intimate citizenship.



an artists palate


We will use arts-based activities to help us plan our future work.



The number 3


Our activities are organized around three main ideas: Loving, Working and Consuming.

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